Airbag Installation

Airbags are a vital component of your vehicle. Airbags have become a standard issue for most all cars and trucks now days. We offer expert airbag repair for your automobile. Whether you have been in an auto accident or you just see the indicator light on, Walker’s can help!

When enough impact force happens to your vehicle the airbag will deflate. Once this happens your airbags need to be repaired to factory specs. The airbags need replaced and the airbag module either replaced and/or reset. Don’t try to do this one at home, having a professional work on the job can ensure the safety of you and your loved ones.

Our ASE certified mechanics are fully-trained to repair your vehicle’s airbag.

If you ever see the warning light for your airbag please do not ignore this. This means that the airbag may not deploy if an accident happens. If you have not been in an accident with enough force to initiate the airbag deployment yet your light is still on, it may be either a computer error where the ECU will need to be cleared, or it could come from a more serious issue that would interfere with the function of your airbag during an accident.