Frame Repair & Replacement

What is frame repair?

About 50% of collisions will cause some degree of frame damage. Even if it’s just the bumper that’s bent, the damage may still be extensive enough to require replacement of a part or all of a frame rail.

It is important to restore all frame components to their original dimensions and original strength. Where metal is bent it becomes hardened in the bend where the molecules are pushed together. Through a process, these molecules can be formed back to their original configuration and steel restored to its original strength.

How do we do it?

Your auto is repaired on a platform which the vehicle is clamped. We use hydraulic rams pulling with a force of up to 20,000 lbs. Also incorporated is a highly effective measuring system. We utilize lasers and reflective targets accurate to within one millimeter. This system is used to provide real time data and the dimensions of the vehicle for proper monitoring during the ‘stress-relief’ pull of the vehicle frame . The vehicle is measured in three dimensions; height, width and length. As soon as the frame is restored to its original condition, all other parts will fit and the wheels align correctly.