Our Guarantee

Walker’s Collision Repair is committed to being a Premium Auto Repair Facility. Being a premium auto repair shop means much more than just slapping the name “premium” up on a website.

It means operating at absolutely the highest standards possible in the automobile repair industry.

Our Guarantee:
1. Treat every customer as if they are family
2. Repair every automobile as if our family was in the car
3. Keep every important certification in the Automotive Industry active
4. Continue to train & educate technicians to the highest knowledge & standards in the industry
5. Maintain our ZERO Complaint and A+ Rating in the Better Business Bureau
6. Operate every moment of the day as Gold Class Certified Professionals
7. Never underestimate the importance and safety of doing it right!
8. Keep the insurance process accurate & to everyone’s best benefit
9. Never compromise on quality
Never lose sight of why we started this company 25+ years ago – To Be Of Service