Platinum Bedliners

Here at Walkers Collision Repair, we use Platinum BedLiners to give a tough protective finish to truckbeds. This helps to reduce the amount of denting and scratching even in particularly high-wear areas of your truck.

Some of the key benefits of platinum bedliners include:

  • Helps absorb impact thus reducing noise & vibration
  • Creates a textured surface to reduce slipping and skidding
  • Offers protection against rust and corrosion
  • Bonds permanently following a quick application process that dries in seconds
  • Seamless application to create a leakproof finish
  • Platinum bedliners hold their shape firmly, but are flexible enough to avoid chips or cracks
Compare Spray-In To Drop-In Linings Spray-In Bed Linings Drop-In Liners
Resists Scratches & Abrasions Yes No
Will Not Crack, Warp or Split Yes No
Permanently Bonded To Truck – Theft Proof Yes No
Contour Fit Eliminates Loss of Bed Space Yes No
Maintenance Free, No Repainting or Screws To Tighten Yes No
Repairable Surface Yes No
Air Tight & Water Tight Yes No
Prevents Rust & Corrosion Yes No
Noise & Vibration Damping Yes No
Textured, Flexible Surface Reduces Load Slippage Yes No