Suspension Alignment

Suspension misalignment is clear to notice after an accident.
But what about prior to an accident?

Keeping your alignment in check is a safety measure you don’t want to ignore.

One of the first signs of misalignment is your tires. If you see uneven wear, more wear on the outside or inside of  individual tires, then that is a sign your suspension is more than likely out of alignment. Other indicators are if you are drifting to one side when driving or if your steering wheel vibrates.

Remember it’s not just auto accidents that can cause alignment issues, everyday driving can be the cause too. As normal wear and tear will cause your car’s suspension to become worn and springs can be stretched. Even a minor bump on a curb can knock the highly calibrated components of your suspension and make your wheels sit at improper angles. We have trained technicians to restore these angles to proper alignment (and to your car’s full manufacturer’s requirements) making sure you are safe.