Unibody Correction

During an accident the unibody of your car can get completely out of order and we are able to correct it back to pre-accident or pre-incident function.

Causes of Unibody Damage:
Hitting a curb or large hole in the road
Improper towing of the vehicle
Running into a ditch
Improper previous repair
Cracks and rust damage
Running over something in the road

No matter how the frame and unibody damage has occurred, you need a professional to help you get it fixed. To correct frame and unibody damage, specialized frame repair equipment and a highly trained frame repair technician are necessary.

The best frame straightening equipment cannot properly repair a vehicle without a skilled technician. Advanced equipment makes the job quicker, but never replaces the skill of the operator. Frame repair personnel have a thorough knowledge of automobile metals. They also must understand hydraulic force, stress relief and have welding skills. All of our Technicians are Gold Class Certified Professionals and ASE Certified, thus you can guarantee the job will be done with expertise and get done right!